China Ranked First for Business and Expats

China is a great place for business and expatriates – if you do not ask for air.

According to a survey released earlier this week by HSBC Holdings PLC, the country ranked first in 37 countries around the world, behind only Germany, Singapore and the Cayman Islands. Its findings show that in 37 countries, China ranks second in terms of economic efficiency and third in what banks call “business expatriate experience” or overall quality of life.

HSBC said the survey questioned just over 7,000 business and expatriates. 71 of whom came from China. From the results, they are very positive about China’s life. Nearly half of the respondents praised China’s work-life balance. Compared with the balance experienced domestically, 56% of respondents said that the quality of education is better. Two-thirds of them said that making friends is easy. Nearly four-quarters Three said their children are safer than they are at home

An HSBC investigator who did not give his name described it as “a scenic, pleasant climate with few job opportunities and a lack of competitiveness.”

Business and expatriates from China Real Time can support these findings. We seem to be making friends more easily, and we’ve joined 44% of the local food, even though we try not to think too much about what we have on the plate. Chinese real-time children seem to like to speak Chinese in school and play with children (“kids”).

But if we do not ask the question about the air in HSBC, we will lose our job. Businesses say they are finding it harder and harder to hire workers in Beijing due to long-term urban pollution. This issue has gone beyond the capital and even China’s top leader has acknowledged that China needs to resolve this issue.

The HSBC survey did not specifically address pollution, although surveys show that China ranks 19th in child health. A spokesman for HSBC said in an e-mail: “Although the survey did not specifically ask foreigners to investigate the level of pollution, the survey did cover a wide range of indicators of the quality of life of foreigners associated with the world’s foreigners, adding: This year’s survey shows that foreigners in China have reported a number of benefits in all three aspects of the life of foreigners: economics, experience, and parenting.

As of this writing, the U.S. embassy measured Beijing’s air quality index at 63, a moderate ranking in the United States, but by the standards of the city, this is a relatively magnificent day. When we return to the level of Airpocalypse, we must ask again.

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